Make no mistake, Bombshell Salon is sure to have more than just the seasonal trends. Our color line is designed to give you the luxurious appeal you deserve. With coconut derived cream, UV protection, and protective agent for your color, you’re sure to achieve a required standard of quality and beauty fit for any fashion queen. To help you decide which style you should rock, here’s what we recommend for this autumn season.

dreamstime_l_23541482Pumpkin, Spice It Up

It’s official, there’s more to this fall trend than your favorite choice of coffee. This bold, defining color is sure to make you want to indulge in all things autumn. With a deep, rich variation of chestnut or blonde painted over copper sections, you will have a beautiful dimension that will make autumn leaves shine with envy. We’re gushing over this color and can’t think of a better way to kick off the season. Using our Keune color line, we achieve the depth and full bodied color you desire, with a product so pure it’s enriched with organic plant extracts. Keep your color closer, longer, with a formula designed with silk proteins and LP300 to protect your hair during the process.

Rich In Chocolate

A classic color that never goes out of style. This fall, we are bringing in the bashful brunette and adding dimensions of caramel, copper, and amber hues for a full bodied style. Stand out against the soon-to-be-snow with this luscious look. In addition to the silk proteins in our color, Formula 18 is also added to all of our color line. This ingredient is a chemically resilient material which binds the cuticle of your hair, providing long term protection from hair color and environment exposure. Our color line ensures the bold, sultry depth of your brunette remains in the midst of the changing seasons.

Honey-Do Blondedreamstime_xxl_18663005

They’re back, those creamy blonde hues we melt over. For the platinum blondes who are yearning for some depth in their do, this may be the option for you. Add some warmth to balance out the chill in the air with these toasty blonde tones. Here at Bombshell, our color boasts natural ingredients, like essential oils or sunscreens, to help protect your hair at any stage. Our color line is the best option for long-lasting tone, providing up to 30% extra life of your color choice.

At Bombshell Salon, we use a custom formula with our Keune color line to help create the most desirable color you could ask for. Our technicians are trained in a variety of techniques that are sure to keep you up to date with the ever developing trends. Stop in or call to schedule a consultation, and let us enhance the beauty you exude with our Keune products.