Tired of having a headache after a long day of wearing your hair in a bun?
Sick of having a crease in your hair after wearing a ponytail?
Fear no more, the invisibobble is here!


Trace-less Hair Ring

Invisibobble is a revolutionizing hair-tie that is pain-free and creates crease-free hair. The hair-tie’s composition is the perfect solution for sensitive scalps. Along with these innovative features, the Invisibobble allows you to be create stylish looks with minimal effort!

Variety of Colors and Sizes

Bombshell Salon offers Invisibobbles in a variety of different colors including clear, natural browns, black, and vibrant colors. Find the Invisibobble that matches your hair color ! You’ll be amazed on what a difference it makes to not have a visible hair-tie sticking out! We are excited to announce Invisibobble launched a new size, so the accessory is now available in two sizes: large and small (half-up styles).


Our clients are in love with the Invisibobbles and are always asking us for new ways to style their hair with this accessory. So, we thought we’d share a few tutorials of our favorite looks created by Invisibobble. Achieve a professional look in minutes!

  1. Turning Heads Ponytail

2. The Retro Roll

3. Call Me Audrey

4. The Pixie Plate

5. The Ballerina Bun