Get your hair dyed at Bombshell Salon.Bombshell Salon is your source for high-style hair. As your stylists, we know that the best hair styles come from the healthiest hair. That’s why we carry the best haircare products here in our Birmingham salon, including the Treat.Me line of haircare products from Kevin.Murphy.

The Damage Is Done

Now, we all love summer. But along with summer sun and summer heat come a variety of hair damaging sources. The sun lightens and damages hair, causing split ends. Meanwhile, hot, dry air pulls moisture out of your hair, causing breakage. If you’re all about the pool during the summer, chlorine can cause even further damage. Chlorine keeps pool water sanitary, but it pulls natural oils out of your hair, reducing its sheen. At the end of a summer day, your hair might by dry, lacklustre, and full of split ends. That’s where our hair care products come in.

We provide keratin hair treatment.Our Fantastic Fix

Bombshell Salon features products from Kevin.Murphy. Their Treat.Me line is full of products that are packed with the right ingredients to restore your hair to its former glory. Let’s take a look at these potent, natural ingredients and what they do for your hair:

  • Sugar Cane

Sugar cane contains glycolic acid, a compound that aids the retention of moisture within a hair. Glycolic acid also exfoliates and cleanses hair.

  • Veggie & Plant Proteins

Veggie and plant proteins give your hair that lovely sheen. These proteins smooth the texture of your hair, making your style radiate.

  • Nettle

Nettle extract is an astringent with anti-inflammatory qualities. This makes nettle extract an excellent ingredient for scalp health.

  • Mongongo Oil

Stave off sun-lightened hair with mongongo oil, an oil comprised largely of linoleic acid – a natural guard against ultraviolet rays and airborne pollutants.

  • Gardenia

Collagen is a protective protein that’s abundant in both skin and hair. Gardenia flower extract maintains the collagen structure, thus fending off potential damage.

  • Japanese Green Tea

Green tea further maintains collagen, as well as elastin (another key component in skin cells). In addition, green tea contains caffeine, which may stimulate hair growth and skin health by improving blood flow to surface cells across the scalp.

  • Vitamin C

Mitigate the effect of free radicals with the power of vitamin C. Vitamin C neutralizes free radicals, thus protecting your scalp and hair.

  • Monoi Oil

Heighten your hair sheen and boost its softness with miraculous monoi oil. This oil won’t bog your hair down with weight, just lift its spirits with brightness.

Your Fall Fix at Bombshell Salon

Now that the sun drops on another summer, and fall is close behind, it’s time to reclaim your hair. With our Treat.Me line of haircare products from Kevin.Murphy, your fall fix is easy. Take this salon-strength hair treatment home with you to get the best results. You’ll notice a transformation from sun-damaged summer hair to fabulous, lustrous, smooth fall hair. Drop into the salon or give us a call to learn more about the Treat.Me line of haircare products from Kevin.Murphy.