Are you a bride to be? Are you Googling wedding hairstyles of 2016 and finding nothing that you love? Let us be the first to tell you, we understand! The act of marrying the one you love is not stressful, but the preparing for your special day can be overwhelming. There’s so much you have to decide between, such as table arrangements, which dress you love the most, your wedding colors and most importantly, your wedding hairstyle. Here’s what our wedding stylist in Birmingham suggests as a go-to hairstyle for you on the most memorable day of your stylist birmingham

2016’s Top Wedding Hairstyles Inspired by Our Favorite Celebrities

Chic & Simple Bun

If you’re going for a chic and simple look, take after Jennifer Lopez. She chose to have her hair pinned up and out of her face in order to dance the night away. Not only is a high and classic bun perfect for any style of wedding, it’ll look great with nearly any wedding makeup style you choose. Plus, when your hair is up, you won’t have to worry about dancing the night away!

Wavy Half-Up

If you love the length of your hair, or you’d like to wear hair extensions to lengthen your hair for your special day, a great trend to consider is the wavy, half-up hairstyle. Recently, Jessica Chastain wore this hairstyle at the 2012 Oscars, and she was a show-stopper. This hairstyle looks wonderful on any woman, and it pairs well with winged eye makeup.

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